Streetwear Vox Populi

The influx of new local streetwear ain’t stopping any time soon. In fact, the latest brand in street fashion just hit JUICE’s pop consciousness – Vox Tribe.

Vox Tribe is the latest brainchild of Hujan’s frontman Noh, a culmination of his interest in Japanese and street cultures (and the amalgam of the two). With designs by himself, Vox Tribe sees Noh venturing out of rock godhood and into the fashion pantheon much in the same way Japanese stars (think Verbal) are also simultaneously their streetwear icons.

Currently, the brand only has two apparels out; Date Masamune Varsity Hoodie and Date Masamune Black T. The former is charcoal black with the brand’s name proudly emblazoned on the front while its back features a badass-looking samurai headgear, true to Noh’s proclivity towards everything Japanese. The latter has the varsity’s back design put up front, because no one would want to mess with a mean samurai.

2012 will see the line expanding to all the streetwear staples; jackets, jeans, shoes and caps. With a rock icon-cum-street culture fanboy behind the brand, we wager Vox Tribe promises to be the perfect choice for every streetwear enthusiast out there. Noh knows his sh*t, after all.

Date Masamune Varsity Hoodie retails at RM150 and Date Masamune Black T is RM60. Order them here