Step Aside WM, Trial State Lifestyle Is Here to Flaunt That #BORNEOPRIDE With Their Debut Collection

There’s no denying that local streetwear apparels are in high demand currently in Malaysia, and hey, nothing screams unity than locals supporting locals. There’s also no denying that what we wear is becoming less of a fashion statement these days and more as a representation of who we are and what we stand for. The ‘Tribute Collection’ belongs to the latter, as founders Aneurin Chin and Eddy Ngu bring forth their #BORNEOPRIDE to inspire the younger generation to start dreaming big and achieving their goals through their streetwear label, Trial State Lifestyle.

Fresh in the scene, the humble duo are nowhere near fashion designers. They are however, hot-blooded youths looking to inspire people to just start creating, searching, initiating, inspiring, and well, just start. The brand’s name itself is a bold statement for Trial State Lifestyle, which is still in its trial and error process. Although nothing is truly set in stone, the will to inspire is very much well and alive within this group of creatives. With that, the brand itself has already inspired their close friends to begin their own online businesses on Instagram: @uppercase_co and @cxcord99.

Titled ‘Tribute Collection’, Trial State Lifestyle’s debut collection itself is a tribute to their hometown, Kuching, and the representation of Borneo as a whole. For instance, the mountain prints that are featured in both the Tribute Hoodies and the Tribute Tees are designed to represent Mount Santubong, as the duo wished to incorporate some of that Sarawakian pride into their debut collection. #REPRESENT

Although simple, the Tribute Hoodie and Tribute Tee has enough edge to it to turn some heads when you don it out in the streets. The Tribute Hoodies are available in 2 colours: Black and White, whereas the Tribute Tees are available in colours Black and Red.

The Tribute Hoodies were launched earlier this year in January, and have already sold out due to the high demand as soon as it was released, but don’t you worry your pretty little mind, they will be back in stock real soon. The Tribute Tees, however, launched recently on February 12, so cop them before those babies are g-o-n-e.

Check out the Tribute Collection below:

The Tribute Hoodie retails at RM125, and the Tribute Tees retail at RM65 each, shop for them now on their Instagram page here.