Ladies, Need Help Preppin’ Your OOTDs for New Year’s? Covert’s Gotchu Covered

Let’s face it; every New Year’s party is all about the glitz and glam when it comes to the dresses and outfits. But most girls struggle in finding the confidence to pull such an eye-blinding dress, or even finding the style of hair and makeup that go along with it (not all of us are natural born beauty bloggers).

So here’s a simple alternative for all the ladies out there; The Covert Collective has just launched their new line: GAL PAL. A suitable title during this time of desperation, cause WE NEED some help from our gal pal. And you can start shopping their collection now on their website.

This collection is all about the retro vibes with a twist of a modern take on it, and it consists of 19 different pieces, with sizes ranging from XS to XL. This means more options for us! Covert’s debut GAL PAL collection was designed by Hannah Bhatt, who is one-half of the duo behind The Covert Collective.

GAL PAL is all about the love and confidence for those wanting to be themselves, and when you’re comfortable in a dress; it’s so much easier being you! The pieces range from RM150 and above, but before your wallet starts crying, consider this; the dresses are not only meant for the New Year’s celebration, it could also be worn on a daily basis. So take this as a future investment to look bomb every day without even trying.

A little history about The Covert Collective; it’s a brand formed by Hannah Bhatt and Samuel Chew. Together, they came out with a collection that was inspired by their passion for American traditional tats and streetwear. Staying true to their ‘Be Bold Be Courageous’ tagline, they aspire to get Malaysians to be more adventurous with their styles with their striking and eye-catching designs.

Now that you have an idea of what to wear, go get your money and start shopping!

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