One Door Shuts, Another One Opens As terms et conditions Comes Back With Their Latest Collection

Moving on from their debut collection, terms et conditions is back again with their latest collection—”one door shuts..”, opening our doors to an entire new wardrobe of fun, fresh and bold tees to choose from. The latest tee offerings are inspired by the memories of founder Cassey Gan, as she takes a trip back to her days in her school’s marching band. Inspired by the prints and shapes derived from military inspired band costumes, the latest collection is a collective timeline of previous experiences melded together to evoke emotions and spark creativity.

In search for creative identity, the designer revisits early influences like Jim Osman, Ted Larson and Le Corbusier — with a clever use of checkers and vibrant colours. Breaking away from the ‘minimalistic’ fashion trend, terms et conditions sets on bringing your everyday wardrobe to life with their unique, one-of-a-kind designs.

View the rest of the collection below:

The tees retail at RM189 each. Get your hands on these beauties via the official website or Fashion Valet

Visit The Studio (6th Floor) @ The Gardens Mall.