Static Defunc+: 2 Heads Are Always Better Than 1

Monsoon+ is bringing Singapore’s notable techno duo Static Defunc+ to Bedroom KL this Saturday 7 July. These progressive techno heads marry all incarnations of techno from the past, present and future, yet marring none of them. Expertly delivering their music from a pleasing rythmic vibe to a darker and sharper cuts of techno, you wouldn’t want to miss this if you claim to be a techno of the genre! It’s alright if you haven’t heard of these guys before though, we got to speak to them, did some digging, and discovered that both of them, Notion A and Artihc, were alumni of JUICE Singapore’s DJ Quest. If that doesn’t say credible, we don’t know what does.

Hey guys, frankly we are uninitiated to who Static Defunc+ are, give us a rundown on who you are and how you guys started spinning.
Static Defunc+ is the techno brainchild of Notion A and Artihc, the duo was formed through a shared passion for electronic music and a mutual desire to push underground sound boundaries.
Notion A I’ve played in KL couple of times! Last one was for Minimalaysia’s NYE party at Bakita. It was crazy! I used to run CNTRL Wasteland over at HOME Club, Singapore. Been spreading electronic music for the past 4 years. I’m also Singapore’s PIONEER DJ Battle 2012 semi-finalist and Singapore’s JUICE DJ Quest 2012 finalist! Above all that, I’m the founder of Kuala Lumpur House Invaders and also working for Frontallabs.
Artihc I’ll make it short. Have been in the scene for some time now. It started as a hobby, mixing two tracks together and got really, really good at it. Co-founder of after which holds the title to the Singapore’s JUICE DJ Quest 2009.

Wow, 2 alumni of JUICE’s DJ Quest! How did you guys get the name Static Defunc+?
N This is hard. I can’t recall!
A I think it was from the first track we did together. I felt something was dysfunctional about the track in a way. Yeah, I think that was how the name came about. Sounds good though. Don’t you think?

Pretty cool name. What’s a typical Static Defunc+ set like?
A Come this 7 July to find out!!
N Techno-lah!

What’s the EDM scene like in Singapore? If we were to visit, where would be a good place for good non-crowd pandering music?
N Well, we are good here for sure! Apart from Zouk (like, duh), you guys might want to check HOME Club out. That is where the underground scene happens, for real!
A It has been a rollercoaster ride really, but all is good. New clubs are opening, old clubs are reinventing. We have the likes of Zouk, Club ZIrca and HOME Club to name a few. Also soon to open, The Vault. Do check them out.

Noted. Who are the electronic acts there we should watch out for? (other than you guys, of course)
N Ming from Zouk and Kelvin Tan a.k.a loopinmotion from HOME Club. Ming is simply great on decks. He is the BASS BOSS. While Kelvin is the guy who brought me up as a techno DJ. A guy with a big heart… and lastly, SYNDICATE. So, yes do check them out!
A We have the Mrs EJ Missy (, her selection of music are second to none. Joshua P (Ku de ta), another one with a good ear for music. Also what Notion A just said.

Noted, again. The group’s bio says you guys make techno as met with other ‘means’, can you elaborate on what exactly those ‘means’ are?
N We use elements that comprises from the past, present and future of techno music. We wouldn’t want to just put aside the past for sure, how techno was so beautiful back then.