PHOTOS: S’porean Boss Flies to India To Surprise Migrant Worker At His Long-Awaited Wedding

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source: Tabla

Working away from home for years can be a tough and lonely journey, but for many migrant workers, it’s a sacrifice they are willing to make to provide for their families. One such worker is Arumugam Karthik, who spent 17 years in Singapore to make ends meet for his loved ones back in India.

A. Marimuthu was eventually able to marry the love of his life and travel home for the wedding of his dreams when he was 37 years old, but had no idea that his boss, Calvin Yeow, would arrive as an unannounced visitor and surprise him!

source: Tabla

Yeow, who had employed Marimuthu for a while, stated that he had a lot of respect and regard for the diligent worker. He therefore felt he had to attend Marimuthu’s wedding to express his support and gratitude for all the hardships Marimuthu had undertaken for his family.

Marimuthu was utterly astonished to find his boss, whom he had assumed to be in Singapore thousands of kilometers away, standing before him at the wedding.

As reported by Tabla, Yeow not only attended the wedding but also took part in the customary ceremonies and gave Marimuthu a thoughtful gift as a way to mark the momentous occasion.

The sincere gesture from his boss moved Marimuthu, who expressed his appreciation for Yeow’s constant support and consideration throughout his tenure as an employee. That was an exhilarating time as Marimuthu felt really fortunate to have such a wonderful employer in his life.

Yeow’s unanticipated appearance at Marimuthu’s wedding is indicative of the unique link that can develop between an employer and employee and demonstrates the effectiveness of appreciation and support in fostering a productive workplace.

source: Tabla

Tabla also reported that Since a young age, Marimuthu’s life has been characterised by suffering and strife. He had to begin working alongside his widowed mother at the age of 16 in order to provide for their family. Marimuthu later had to leave his home and take out a mortgage on the family’s property in order to move to Singapore after his mother had to take early retirement. He had to endure hunger and put his own wellbeing at risk while travelling abroad in order to send money home.

But despite all the hardship, Marimuthu persisted and toiled relentlessly to make things better for himself. Even in his hometown, he constructed a house that was proudly painted in the staple colours of his company.

He will soon return to Singapore with his new bride – a result of his perseverance and hard work!