SPM Student With Crohn’s Disease Powers Through Exams From Hospital Bed In Pursuit Of Dream Career

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source: Berger

With the results of last year’s ACCA and other major exam results coming out, it appears that Malaysians now have fresh inspirations to look up to, especially from an academic stance.

Another one of them would be 18-year-old Nur Eiffa Hazeeqa Mohd Hafiz, who is set to sit for SPM from her hospital bed where she has been admitted for Crohn’s disease.

source: Harian Metro

Eiffa’s mother revealed that her eldest daughter has had cardiac issues ever since birth, alongside additional illnesses including Crohn’s disease. She also explained that Eiffa has undergone four surgeries from the time she was nine months old up to this year.

“My daughter has had to visit the hospital repeatedly for treatment, yet she persisted in studying for the SPM exam,” she said.

Because of her unsatisfactory state of health, they encouraged her to take the SPM the following year. Eiffa, however, is determined to take the test as she is unwilling to waste her preparation efforts.

The Selangor-born student reportedly wanted to become a doctor, but she was ultimately placed in the liberal arts class at school.

She is currently rethinking the path of her continued education and development, according to her mother, who also added that she would support her in achieving her dream by encouraging her to continue taking language classes after SPM.

Earlier, it was reported that the student needed RM56,400 in financial aid to cover the cost of her medical care when she sits for the exam at the University of Malaya Medical Center (PPUM). According to Sharifah Nur Aminah, her and her husband’s savings had already gone toward helping treat the condition of their eldest kid, leaving them scrambling to obtain funding.

“My child’s ailment requires specific medication costing RM300 every six days to combat obesity and digestion, which is the main issue she is dealing with. My husband makes RM2,000 per month working as a freelance graphic designer, and I make RM1,000 per month selling cakes online, which is insufficient while also caring for three additional children,” the woman added.

According to WeirdKaya, Datuk Chua Sui Hau, Chairman of One Hope Charity and Welfare, confirmed that his organisation decided to assist the family by starting a fundraising campaign to treat the young girl after learning about the issues the family were facing.

In good news, the fundraising effort was terminated yesterday upon reaching its objective, just one day after being opened to the public.

We wish you all the best, Eiffa!