Spiritualized: Sweet Heart Sweet Light

The cover of Sweet Heart Sweet Light is rather perplexing, a ‘Huh?’ on what looks like a stop sign. A reference to frontman Jason Pierce’s mental state at the time – he was under chemotherapy – you’d expect the record to be a depressing mess, but it’s really the most uplifting Spiritualized album to date… by their standards at least. On ‘Little Girl’ Pierce sings wishing he was dead, but seemingly in acceptance of his own condition at the time.

Then on the lovelorn ‘Too Late’ he offers relationship advice that only comes with age, just as Pierce has said about the album – it’s the kind of pop album recorded when youth is well behind the singer. That might be accurate, but the LP’s spiritual longing is ultimately timeless and uplifting to everyone.

LISTEN TO: ‘Little Girl’ ‘Too Late’
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