Something Demonic Is About To Unleash In Marvel’s Helstrom Teaser Trailer

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source: 365 Khabar

One of Marvel’s flame headed characters is getting his own series and no, he doesn’t ride a motorbike, he just walks around with a pitchfork and Satan’s symbol on his chest.

Marvel just dropped a teaser trailer for Helstrom at San Diego Comic-Con At Home. Based on the synopsis, it’s a “chilling supernatural thriller inspired by Marvel Comics Son of Satan and Satana characters.”

The keyword here is inspired. So far, we’re getting a vague tease about our protagonists, siblings Daimon and Ana’s, misadventures as they try to stop demonic forces from destroying the world.

Satana and Daimon Helstrom from the comics. source: Marvel

Watch the trailer here:

Helstrom is Hulu’s last Marvel show after the end of Runaways, the cancelation of the Ghost Rider spinoff and two other Marvel animated shows.

There are concerns that it’s not going to be any good or have any connections to the Marvel universe since so many Marvel shows have been cancelled on the streaming platform. Even the Pentagram has been changed into something kid-friendly.

Now that Disney owns Marvel, let’s hope we get a proper Ghost Rider spinoff in the future. For now, we’ll take the highway to hell and cruise with Helstrom.

The Ghost Rider we need, but apparently don’t deserve. source: gyfcat

Marvel’s Helstrom is coming to Hulu on 16 October 2020.

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