Someone Baked Sausage Buns that Accidentally Looked Like Nenenz

source: @mialovestoeat (Twitter)

Staying inside has brought out creativity in many of us, and social media has allow us to share it with the world, to feel connected in a time where we feel alone. We’re all in this together (yes, I just used a line from High School Musical).

Men are learning that wearing a baju keluar feels like freedom, viral coffee ain’t that great, and baking isn’t a piece of cake. The same goes to 29-year old Amirah Alam who tried making a sausage bun that ended up looking like something else.

“So I baked a sausage bun for fun, it turns out looking like boobs. So to improvise, I added mozzarella cheese. Now looks like lactating boobs ayoo.”

Screenshot from Twitter

Better known as Mia, she shared photos of her baked bosoms sausage bun on Twitter, which she thought was hilarious. Mia said she rarely bakes, but knows the basics since she took classes before. She said she learned how to make pizza, bread with caramel sauce, and cookies.

“This is the first time I made sausage buns since I wanted to do something with my siblings at home,” she said.

source: @mialovestoeat (Twitter)

She added that it was for minum petang with her husband and two younger siblings. “My husband also laughed when he looked at the buns, but he said it was tasty and cheesy even though it looked funny.”

While some said it was funny but still looked tasty, Mia said there were others who felt her tweet contained sexual remarks. “Some people asked me to delete it because it embarrassed women, some said it’s not nice to say such things about food.”

“For me, something like this shouldn’t be taken seriously because I tweeted that for fun and didn’t involve anyone,” she added. You go, Mia!

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