Some Things Don’t Match But The Vans Mismatch Era Does

source: Vans

From skate park to street, Vans has come a long way since its inception in 1966. It’s one of the most popular brands in fashion and whether you skate or not, a pair of Vans just looks good on anyone. However, there’s a particular pair from them that’s timeless – the Vans Era.

Back in ’76, the world’s first skateboarding shoe, designed by skateboarders, was introduced as the Vans #95 with a padded collar, two-tone colour options and waffle outsole providing skateboarders with the style and function they need.

source: Vans

When one shoe blew out from riding, skateboarders from Dogtown would walk to family-run Vans stores to replace one shoe with any colour they wanted, giving birth to the mixed and matched pair of the Vans Era – a style that could only come from skate culture.

Until today, the Vans Era remains the strong choice for skaters, surfers and creatives worldwide for its versatility. Vans is honouring the early days of Vans’ family-run business by bringing life to the classic silhouettes by mixing and matching seasonal colours and patterns.

The collection comes with the Era as the original mismatch form, blending blue canvas with camo on the left and zebra print on the right. The mismatch styling will also be available on the Classic Slip-On and Style 36.

The Mismatch Pack will be available at Vans stores and authorised dealers on 9 January 2020. For more information, head to