Soft Rocks: The Curse of Soft Rocks

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Distancing themselves from the monotony of today’s musical palette, Soft Rocks, out of Brighton UK, have pieced together a musical soundscape on their new album The Curse Of Soft Rocks. After a pause in musical releases spent spinning edgy parties and curating mixtapes for the likes of Beats in Space and ID Magazine, the new LP is a lo-fi affair, with various elements sourced from a wide range of cross-genre influences. Melded together with the expertise of musicians who understand mixing The Curse Of Soft Rocks creates something of an experimental musical journey.

Knowing that these days electronic music can be synthesized by basically any n00b with a laptop, Soft Rocks use of instruments showcases a more mature, refined sound. Although initially the album is reminiscent of reggae, it slowly transforms to a spacier, lounge music sound. Standout tracks include synthy ‘Magic Milk’, ‘Talking Jungle’ which has a cool tropical inspired beat, and ‘Little Lights’ which features female vocals likened to nu disco, but with more sonic sophistication.

Like the soundtrack of that surreal smokey after, after-party, or backing track to a dimly lit bar, Soft Rock’s music plays like it should be paired with an altered state of consciousness. Complete with psychedelic reverberations and nonsense vocals, it will have you seeing light trails. As each track clocks at about 5+ minutes, attention grabbing builds and catchy drops are evidently not the focus here, so those with a short musical attention span should give this one a miss. However, if you are willing to wait it out, the full album is a thoroughly satisfying listen. The Curse Of Soft Rocks LP will be out in December, just in time for you to unwind in the spirit of the year’s end.


01  We Hunt Buffalo Now
02  Obo
03  Thunder Thunder
04  Slowdown
05  Magic Milk
06  Air
07  Talking Jungle
08  Mirador De Las Estrellas
09  200 Satsumas
10  Little Lights
11  Wicker Man (ft Kathy Diamond)

Check out the Soft Rocks track previews on Soundcloud, or have a quick listen to some of their remixes below



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