So Close Yet So Far! Husband in Singapore Waves to Wife Across The Ocean in Johor

(Source: Muhammad Faiz FS on Facebook)

Due to strict travel restrictions, it’s been a ‘so close yet so far’ situation for this man and his family as they wave to each other from two very ends of Malaysia and Singapore in a recent video on Facebook.

Following the video, the man is seen to be at the Jetty of Woodlands Waterfront Park on a video call with his wife as they try to find each other from the other side.

“Where are you?” he asks.

“I’m here, and I’m wearing a black and white shirt,” she answers.

In a subsequent video, we can hear children in the background laughing and one of them even greets their dad gleefully saying, “Hi Papa!”

In yet another video, a different point of view is presented as we now see the wife and kids on the other side. The family waves from the other side, hoping the man sees them.

From a photo perspective, this is his point of view:

(Source: Muhammad Faiz FS on facebook)

Whereas, this is his wife and children’s view:

(Source: Muhammad Faiz FS on Facebook)

Recently, the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore and the Immigration Department of Malaysia facilitated the reunion of several Malaysians who were working in Singapore, with their families whom they have not seen since MCO began.

Meanwhile, according to The Strait Times, Johor assemblyman S. Ramakrishnan called for the reopening of the Johor-Singapore land border and for a special task force to be set up to review it.

His call echoed that of Johor Menteri Besar Hasni Mohammad who earlier said that unemployment rate in the state was at a record high of 18% with 35,000 people jobless, and that the economy of Johor, which previously had about 250,000 people commuting daily, had been hit hard.

Whatever the future holds, we hope this man gets reunited with his family soon enough!