Wong Eng Leong, Goh Lee Kwang, JS Wong for Site-specific @ Mou Tou This Sun

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Experience three artistic elements in the form of video, music, and dance this Saturday 15 October. Switch ON is collaborating for the first time with three artists; Wong Eng Leong on video, Goh Lee Kwang on music, and JS Wong on dance. It will be held at Mou Tou – yes, it’s that place with the rooftop farm that’ll make you feel like you just joined a secret club.

To get you prepared, here is what you must know about the three artists:

1. Wong Eng Leong

This video artist has worked across all visual media, having done video installations, sonic-visual interactive installations, single channel videos, multi channel videos, and even live video projections. His content is usually about political and social issues. As a founding member of FINDARS and Mou Tou ever since 2008, Wong has undertaken various curatorial projects in his own space.

2. Goh Lee Kwang

Always sporting a hat, Lee Kwang is a sound artist and composer who runs the label Herbal Records. With 671 tracks on his Bandcamp – yep, you read that right – he uses sound as an artistic medium as opposed to a tool to making music for entertainment. He believes that art relies on how the audience reacts to it and without that, it ceases to exist. As a listener, what you can expect from his music is strange sound textures and self-discovery experiences.

3. JS Wong

Independent dance artist Wong Jyh Shyong got his Master of Fine Arts from Graduate Institute of Choreography, Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA) in 2013, and Bachelor of Fine Arts from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with First Class Honours in 2005. If that is not amazing enough, he won several impressive awards and had performed in Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and also India. He still travels across Asia as a guest choreographer, dancer, and teacher.

For reservations, hit up 018 874 8631 — only after 5pm.

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