Sims 4’s Update Includes Sexual Orientation Feature So You Can “WooHoo” With Anyone (With Consent)

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Sims 4 is arguably one of the most culturally relevant games for all players, allowing us to curate our crazy lives onto a screen. But it’s not just your average role playing game.

Along with all its new features like next level customisability, you can now choose your Sim’s sexual orientation!

The Sims’ Twitter account announced out their new feature on Saturday, hinting about sexual ambiguity and woohoo – Sim’s euphemism for sex.

SimGuruJessica, the design lead on The Sims 4 High School Years Expansion Pack, wrote in their blog about holding creativity, discovery, inclusivity, and play as core values for their community. “With that in mind, we’re delighted to bring the Sexual Orientation feature to all Simmers,” she says.

“Between this update and the recent pronouns update, we’re taking several strides forward into being a game that respects and celebrates the nuance and colour of everyday life.”

She further explained that players will have the option to adjust attraction parameters for their characters, as shown in the picture on the Sexual Orientation feature when creating a Sim.

There are three main features in this tab – Who your Sim is attracted to, exploring romantically, and interested to Mess Around with. It just goes to show how fluid sexuality is with everyone.

While there are currently only two options; men and women, SimGuruJessica highlights that her team understand that an inclusion of non binary people is yet to be added.

“Mechanically, non binary Sims don’t yet exist in TS4. While we made great progress in representing non binary Sims with the pronouns update, we acknowledge that pronouns are not the same thing as gender identities. We recognise that we still have a ways to go in this regard.”

Sims 4 update introduces new sexualities and romantic orientations to players | Mashable

There is also an option to leave all boxes unchecked in the last category should you choose your Sim to be asexual – a person who has a lack of sexual attraction to others, or a low interest in sexual activity.

There are also Aromantic Sims, meaning you could leave the first two categories unchecked and pick your woohoo preference to see how your Sim does without any romantic attraction.

However, Sims require consent to perform any sexual activities too (as they should) so it won’t just go around humping every living thing.

And if you just want to explore the different settings, not to worry. These preferences are easily changeable anytime throughout the game to give everyone a fun, exploring adventure.

The feature will be released on 28 July, along with its expansion pack. Have fun!