VIDEO: This Short Film is Reexamining the Conservative Debate Between Dogs and Islam

Just in time for Merdeka, Kuben Mahadevan’s short film Si Tommy sends a powerful and heartwarming message concerning the issues surrounding religion, race, our treatment towards our furry friends, and how all three elements intersect with each other within our communities. The film is seen largely through the eyes of a young boy, Budiman, and his efforts to help the plight of his neighbour’s dog, Tommy, who has been left to fend for himself after being abandoned by his family in an emergency.

The film touches on important issues surrounding Islam and dogs, especially with the recent poisoning of strays feeding into a widespread fear of canines. Mahadevan’s film is an important mediator to heal the divide between religious conservatives and man’s best friend, showing that a sense of compassion and kindness towards all living beings overrides what discerns haram from non-haram.

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