The World’s Most Beloved Ogre Might Just Make A Comeback To The Big Screen In The Near Future

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Following the release and success of Puss In Boots: The Last Wish, fans of the Shrek movie franchise are now giddy at the possibility of everyone’s favourite green ogre returning to the big screen.

Not too long ago, members of the original Shrek cast including Mike Myers who played Shrek and Eddie Murphy who played Donkey have both expressed their interest in reprising their roles.

And now, Antonio Banderas, who played the titular character of Puss In Boots, recently hinted that a Shrek comeback might not be too far-fetched of an idea. Be warned dear reader, thar be spoilers ahead.

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In an interview with RadioTimes, Banderas discussed the possibility of yet another Puss In Boots movie following the events that transpired in Puss In Boots: The Last Wish.


The end of the movie hinted at Puss heading to the Kingdom of Far Far Away to “visit some old friends” as Banderas put it. Now who could those old friends be?

Probably These Guys:

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I mean think about it, who are Puss’ closest friends? Banderas also added more fuel to the rumour by saying “Maybe Shrek is coming back,” in the aforementioned interview.

Moreover, Eddie Murphy telling ETalk he’d do another Shrek “in two seconds” and Mike Myers expressing his desire to make yearly movies featuring his most famous characters indicates that most of the cast seem more than happy to make another Shrek film.

According to Screen Rant, even Cameron Diaz who played Princess Fiona said she’d be on board to make another movie if a finished script for the next Shrek sequel falls into her lap.

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Only time will tell whether we’ll see another Shrek movie. That being said, the last one came out over a decade ago back in 2010 which leaves ample room for a bunch of stories to be explored or revisited.

Maybe the 5th movie could delve into Shrek and Fiona overcoming the challenges brought about by their kids going through adolescence.

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And whatever happened with Justin Timberlake’s character Artie (King Arthur)? Is he still ruling Far Far Away? Also, what business does Puss have in Far Far Away?

The possibilities for a good story are endless!

What would you like to see in the 5th Shrek movie if it ever comes out?

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