Sharina Shahrin’s Mixed Media Expressions

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LoversMountain (2015)

One can be captivated by the magnetic, emotive swirls of colours that compose the work of Sharina Shahrin – a mixed media artist and founder of independent creative agency Everyday Studios. Though she occasionally falls into phases of focussing on specific mediums, Sharina shared that she doesn’t like to be too complacent with art.

From making cards for her family almost everyday to venturing into freelance photography after high school, Sharina dwelled further into art when she was in London, where she studied Creative Direction at the London College of Fashion. She took full advantage of the freedom and support that was afforded to her by learning and experimenting with different disciplines, for instance, she took up painting in the first year, then digital art, and moving images in the third year.

Everyday Studios initially started as a personal studio for her to paint and do work during her gap year from university. When she was saddled with a number of projects, she decided to properly establish the studio and found a few creative talents to work with her – one of them being her best friend Muntasir Mohamed. Her ultimate goal with Everyday Studios is to form it as a cultivating space for young creatives, where their talents can be nurtured. Currently though, Everyday Studios is taking a backseat as she will move to Prague to focus on art, but not before holding her own solo exhibition soon.

View some of her works below:

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