Here’s a First Look & Teaser for ‘Senna’, Inspired by the Legendary F1 Driver

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(source: Alan Roskyn / Netflix, Provided to JUICE)

Netflix has just released a teaser for their upcoming limited series, Senna.

Inspired by the legendary Brazilian Formula 1 driver, Senna follows Ayrton Senna’s journey through triumph, disappointment, joy, and sorrow. It centres around his beginnings in motorsport, his meteoric rise in F1, and the heartbreak following his untimely death.

Here are some first look photos from the limited series

If the photos are of any indication, we can expect a faithful likeness of Ayrton Senna in actor, Gabriel Leone.

Gabriel Leone as Ayrton Senna. (source: Alan Roskyn / Netflix, Provided to JUICE)

The six-episode limited series starts with the beginning of Senna’s racing career, following the driver’s move to England to compete in Formula Ford.

Marco Ricca as Miltão. (source: Alexandre Schneider / Netflix, Provided to JUICE)

Aside from Ayrton himself, the series also portrays other important figures in his life, including his girlfriend, Xuxa (Pâmela Tomé), French F1 driver and rival, Alain Prost (Matt Mella), McLaren team principal, Ron Dennis (Patrick Kennedy), and Brazilian F1 commentator Galvão Bueno (Gabriel Louchard).

The series’ real-life accuracy was made possible thanks to support from Senna Brands and the driver’s family. Speaking of which, some family members and close friends of Ayrton are also portrayed in the series.

Susana Ribeiro as Zaza, Camila Mardila as Viviane Senna, Marco Ricca as Miltão. (source: Alan Roskyn / Netflix, Provided to JUICE)

The story also stars Alice Wegmann (Lilian Vasconcelos, Ayrton’s first wife), Camila Márdila (Vivianne Senna, his sister), Christian Malheiros (Maurinho, his friend), Hugo Bonemer (Nelson Piquet, Brazilian F1 driver), Julia Foti (Adriane Galisteu, actress and former model), Marco Ricca (“Maurão” Senna, his father), Nicolas Cruz (Leonardo Senna, his brother), Rodrigo Veloso (Flavio, brother-in-law) and Susana Ribeiro (Zaza Senna, his mother).

Matt Mella as Alain Prost, Gabriel Leone as Ayrton Senna. (source: Alan Roskyn / Netflix, Provided to JUICE)

Just incase you’re not familiar with the legend that is Ayrton Senna, he’s considered to be the one of the greatest drivers in F1 history. Having won three F1 world titles, 41 victories, 65 pole positions, and 80 podiums between 1984 and 1994, Senna is a household name in the world of F1. But he’s known for more than just his numbers and statistics.

He’s famous for some of the most magical moments in world motorsport, most notably of which is his historic victory at the 1991 Brazilian Grand Prix. It marked the first time he won in his hometown of São Paulo. During this race, track conditions were dangerous due to heavy rain — and his car was mostly stuck in sixth gear. Yet, he managed to push through and endure excruciating pain to reach the chequered flag in first place.

This moment of triumph is also briefly featured in the teaser above. But you can watch the real life moment below:

Just yesterday (1 May), F1 and motorsport fans all over the world marked 30 years since Senna’s passing.

Netflix has not announced a specific release date yet at the time of writing, but the streaming platform has said it will be coming in late 2024.

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