WATCH: Taman Templer Assemblyman Proposes The Banning Of PAS For Spreading Misleading Information

source: Malaysia Gazette

A Selangor assemblyman has suggested that PAS be abolished on the grounds that the group disseminates false information.

Assemblyman Mohd Sany Hamzan of Taman Templer asserted that the party “has termed Pakatan Harapan as communists, said that they wish to disband the constitution; that they are anti-King and anti-Malay.

“Selangor has been under Pakatan Harapan for 15 years. There is still a King, mosques, Malays, everything. Islam forbids slander,” he added.

Mohd Sany also claimed that PAS had won seats in the elections due to spreading false information and disparaging other parties.

A 50-second clip of the exchange is circulating on social media. Watch it here: