PHOTOS: SEARCH Prove Their Irrefutable Status as Rock Icons with 2 Earth-Shattering Shows at Zepp KL

WARNING: The images attached in this article will probably rock your socks off.

SEARCH, featuring Amy, Nasir, Hillary Ang, and Man Kidal, rattled Zepp Kuala Lumpur (Zepp KL) – Kuala Lumpur’s latest global class concert venue – all through KONSERT ENDEMIK, a historical event hosted over two nights on June 4 and 5.

This epic show was considered to be one of SEARCH’s biggest concerts to date.

SEARCH established a monumental legacy via KONSERT ENDEMIK, a venture that has been in the works over the last year, as the first artistes to perform a solo show at Zepp KL, as well as being among the first to highlight a large-scale concert during the endemic transition stage.

These milestones were complemented by a repertoire that encompasses SEARCH’s most recent bangers, Endemik I and Endemik II, as well as trademark hits beloved by SEARCH’s devoted fans, whose reverence has cemented SEARCH’s prominence as rock n roll royalty in the country and across Southeast Asia.

Not convinced yet? We’ll let the photos speak for themselves:

Being a full-time rockstar is a hefty feat, you know.

Isabella, Fantasia Bulan Madu, Rozana, Meniti Titian Usang, Pawana, and Isi Atau Kulit were among the hits performed during the live show.

SEARCH also included songs that they infrequently play live, such as Nigina and Diari Habil dan Qabil, to rekindle memories for the throngs of fans who swamped every nook and cranny of Zepp KL.

SEARCH’s unmistakable status as Malaysia’s number one rock band has been solidified by the non-stop 2-hour concerts.

Check out the set list for the ENDEMIK 2022 CONCERT (and try not to ooze with envy, if you missed it this time):

1. Endemik 1
2. Pelesit Kota
3. Nigina
4. Meniti Titian Usang
5. Kejora
6. Gelora Cinta
7. Isi Atau Kulit
8. No Way
9. Endemik II
10. Hello Kawan (Tribute to Allahyarham Yazit Ahmad)
11. Setelah Hujan
12. Rozana
13. Gadisku
14. Songsang
15. Pada Satu Kedudukan
16. Isabella
17. Fantasia Bulan Madu
18. Diari Habil & Qabil
19. Melastik ke Bintang
20. Pemuzik Jalanan
21. Mat Rock (bonus)
22. Pawana (bonus)

Amy channeling his inner Gene Simmons…

“I believe that SEARCH’s status as Malaysia’s number one rock band coupled with world-class amenities in Zepp KL and the robust workforce and support system engaged behind the scenes are the key factors as to why KONSERT ENDEMIK have been the focus of attention, and also how tickets were sold out for both nights,” said Rizal Kamal, the Head Executive Officer of LOL Asia.

“SEARCH spotlighted an exemplary line-up that included Malaysia’s rock music icons Amy, Nasir, Hillary, and Man Kidal, as well as competent musicians Genervie (keyboards) and Arthur Kam (drums) – known as Malaysia’s finest sessionists.”

“Due to their expertise in music performance and direction, the sibling duo is sought after by artists from all over the globe.

On the tech side, we have welcomed local and international experts, such as Akira Yamauchi, a well-known sound engineer, to ensure that the audio quality of KONSERT ENDEMIK is at its peak point during both nights,” he added.

If you’re even the slightest bit familiar with SEARCH, chances are you’ve noticed their impeccable eye for fashion; from tassels to leather to a classic smokey eye.

For KONSERT ENDEMIK, the iconic band turned to Jiman Casablancas for rockstar-level styling.

Jiman shared, “Fashion is one of the elements that is important for Amy and his bandmates, and he is always aiming for a style that is more fashion forward.

Amy candidly pictured with Jiman (right)

“I collaborated with Kit Woo and Wardrobe Privato to ensure that the looks created for each SEARCH band members as well as everyone performing on stage is visually in line with what SEARCH themselves had envisioned.

“This is collectively furnished by SEARCH’s grooming team, headed by Khir Khalid in collaboration with David Shaw, Jijie Zainal and Kasih Cicie.”

“We are convinced that our KONSERT ENDEMIK has set the benchmark for impending concerts held during the endemic phase in Malaysia and the region,” Amy, SEARCH’s main vocalist, noted.

InsyaAllah, our KONSERT ENDEMIK will tour throughout Malaysia, with the prospect of taking it to a global stage.

“On behalf of SEARCH, I’d like to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone involved in the concert, as well as our fans who have supported us from the early days.”

You heard it here first, folks. Watch this space for more updates on upcoming concerts and events!