Zip Across A Scenic Lake, Ride A Solar-Powered Train & More At This Vibrant Township

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Image via Gamuda Land (Provided to SAYS)

This Spotlight is sponsored by Gamuda Land.

If you’re on the lookout for new places to bring the fam or chill with your besties, you should turn your attention to twentyfive.7

Located south of Kota Kemuning, this 257-acre integrated township is an awesome place for its residents and the public too! Upon entering twentyfive.7, you’ll find that there are plenty of community-centric spaces, from adventurous waterfront activities to scenic nature-based ones. In fact, it’s the only township in Kota Kemuning that offers plenty of exciting attractions for everyone to enjoy.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll get to experience at Quayside:

1. Experience the thrill of a lifetime when you zip across the lake with Waterfront Superfly

Image via Gamuda Land (Provided to SAYS)

Those who love getting that adrenaline rush will be able to experience it with the Waterfront Superfly, as you soar through the air over Central Park! Just head to Level 1 at Quayside Mall, and you’ll be safely strapped for an exhilarating high-wire adventure.

As you zip through the sky without a care in the world, you’ll be able to take in the breathtaking sights as well as a scenic view of the township. 😀

2. Ride a 16-seater carousel adorned with beautifully coloured horses and carriages with your kiddos!

Image via Gamuda Land (Provided to SAYS)

Going round and round on a carousel is made even more fun when you’re riding with the whole family, or even with your group of friends! This eye-catching attraction also makes for awesome Insta-worthy moments for your feed, so be sure to take lots of photos and videos as you ride the carousel.

You can ride the carousel for RM10 (adult or child) between 3pm to 11pm daily, except on Tuesdays.

3. Bask in the township’s scenery as you hop aboard the Solar Express, a hybrid electric and solar-powered train without tracks

Image via Gamuda Land (Provided to SAYS)

With The Solar Express, everyone of all ages will enjoy a trip on this train that has natural airflow and breeze. Being the first-of-its-kind in Kota Kemuning, it’s especially convenient if you’re tired of walking and need to rest your feet as the Solar Express takes you around the central lake.

What’s also great is during the night, you’ll be greeted by twinkling fairy lights that will be lit up like stars throughout your journey, wahh.

You can ride the Solar Express for RM10 (adult or child) between 3pm to 11pm daily except on Tuesdays.

4. Enjoy the scenic lake with Flamingo Pedal Boats, which can accommodate up to two people

Image via Gamuda Land (Provided to SAYS)

Venture out to the water and get in touch with nature by pedalling around the lake with the cute pink Flamingo Pedal Boats.

Whether you choose to pedal around the scenic lake with your significant other, friends, or your kiddos, you’ll definitely have a great time with this fun-filled water activity.

You can take the Flamingo Pedal Boats for a spin for RM10 between 3pm to 7pm daily, except on Tuesdays.

Wanna visit these attractions? You can even get some awesome combo deals for the rides featured above at attractive prices, yass!

Image via Gamuda Land (Provided to SAYS)

Here’s all the deets:
Waterfront Superfly
– From 3pm to 7pm daily, except on Tuesdays
– RM20 per pax

– From 3pm to 11pm daily, except on Tuesdays
– RM10 per pax

The Solar Express
– From 3pm to 11pm daily, except on Tuesdays
– RM10 per pax

Flamingo Pedal Boats
– From 3pm to 7pm daily, except on Tuesdays
– RM10 per pax

For those looking to experience more than one ride, check out these combo deals:
– Combo 1: RM30 for Carousel + The Solar Express + Waterfront Superfly
– Combo 2: RM25 for Carousel + Flamingo Pedal Boat + Waterfront Superfly

And that’s not all! Here’s a look at the other exciting placemaking activities present in Quayside at twentyfive.7:

Adventure Zone
– Basketball court
– Youth park
– Outdoor gym
– Football Talent Asia

Nature Zone
– Water playscape
– Sakura Alley
– Canal Park
– The Link
– The Loop

Hangout Zone
– Moonlight Cinema
– Furland Park
– Origami Playground
– Aurora Rhythms (water screen projection show)
– Round Swing

Event Space @ The
– FURIIstyle
– Marc Et Farid Patisserie
– Cykel & Cyclist

Wanna know the best part? If you stay at twentyfive.7, all these activities and more are just a mere 10 minutes away. :O

Image via Gamuda Land (Provided to SAYS)

Understanding that the places we live in have a direct impact on our health and well-being, the township is designed to improve one’s liveability by being a fully walkable neighbourhood. For example, there is a 24km long bicycle/pedestrian track that seamlessly connects all parts of the township.

Besides that, there are also solar-powered covered walkways known as The Link, which lead to commercial areas such as Quayside Mall, Quayside Shoppes @ Amber, residences, offices, community areas, public transport nodes, and an array of activities.

Plus, a 7km network of pet and wheelchair-friendly walkways known as The Loop leads to the 14.17-acre pet-friendly Canal Park, the lake, and other social hotspots.

With various activities that lie in store and plenty of open spaces, there’s never a dull moment at twentyfive.7

From the bustling Quayside Mall with anchor tenants such as Jaya Grocer, Harvey Norman, MBO Cinemas, and Rong Cuisine, to activities revolving around adventure, nature, hangouts, and events, you’ll be spoilt for choice with these surrounding amenities. These community-based hotspots with sustainable design elements were created for all generations to gather, enjoy, play, and explore.

Living in this township ensures that you get to experience it all.

To find out more about twentyfive.7 and its surrounding amenities, head over to their website.

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