SAYS Launches ‘Make It Make Cents’ Campaign To Help You Master Your Money

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Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

Get ready to level up your money game with SAYS’ latest endeavour: the ‘Make It Make Cents’ financial literacy campaign.

Running until the end of May, it promises engaging content that’ll actually make sense of your money matters!

Covering making money, saving money, and investing money, with a sprinkle of real-life success stories from everyday Malaysians who’ve cracked the code to financial freedom, this campaign is designed to empower and educate.

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From comprehensive articles and exclusive interviews with experts and money maestros, to informative videos breaking down complex concepts, SAYS is here to demystify finance in a fun and accessible way.

And hey, there’s more – if you’ve ever wondered about your net worth, SAYS has you covered with a handy net worth calculator, absolutely free to use on the campaign landing page!

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But SAYS isn’t stopping there. Catch them dishing out financial wisdom on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, X, and more. Follow them and join the conversation using the hashtag #MakeItMakeCents.

According to Sukhbir Cheema, the Project Lead, “We’re making personal finance cool and accessible. Because when more Malaysians are money-smart, we’re paving the way for a financially fit Malaysia!”

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Ready to cash in on knowledge and join SAYS on this journey to financial enlightenment? Check out all the details on their landing page, here!

Cover image via Campaign Creators on Unsplash & JUICE