We Asked People What The Best CNY ‘Air Kotak’ Is. Can You Guess Their Top Picks?

air kotak

As Chinese New Year approaches, the air is filled with festive cheer, and families across the nation are preparing for the annual reunion. In the midst of these preparations, one crucial element takes centre stage – the beloved air kotak, or boxed drinks.

For many Malaysians, especially those whose kampung tends to experience a surge in heat during Chinese New Year, air kotak is more than just a beverage – it’s a refreshing necessity. Not to be dramatic, but it’s also become an unofficial ode to tradition for most of us!

As such, we decided to embark on a mission within our office to discover the most favoured CNY air kotak choices among our colleagues. Here are the top three choices that emerged as the favourite:

Soya Bean Milk: The ‘Abang Bomba’ Of Air Kotak

air kotak
source: Instagram/ F&N Seasons

Coming in at third place is the classic soya bean drink. Its smooth texture and nutty flavour make it a timeless favourite among those seeking a satisfying and nutritious beverage during the festivities. Many believe that soya bean’s reputation for cooling properties makes it an ideal choice during the heat of Chinese New Year.

However, opinions diverge – some find it too filling to accompany a festive meal, while many actually prefer steering clear of milk-based drinks altogether.

Teh Kundur: Jatuh Cinta Atau Benci

air kotak
source: Instagram/ Yeo’s Malaysia

Securing the second spot is teh kundur, also known as Wintermelon Tea. Its subtle sweetness and refreshing taste make it a popular choice, especially when the weather gets a little too warm. Those who love it LOVE IT, but those who dislike it do so with a passion. One guy even told us it tasted too much like cucumber to him.

On the topic of its herbal quality, some say it is the perfect natural choice, while others note that the air kotak version is too sweet to be purely organic. We’ll leave that to you to debate in the comments section.

Chrysanthemum Tea: The MVP Of The Air Kotak World

air kotak
source: Instagram

Claiming the top spot as the ultimate favourite is none other than chrysanthemum tea! With its delicate floral notes and soothing properties, chrysanthemum tea (also called teh bunga) has become the go-to air kotak for many during this festive season – not only for its delightful taste but also for its perceived relevance to the Chinese New Year occasion.

However, it’s worth noting that a couple of our colleagues admitted to choosing chrysanthemum tea simply because of its consistent presence in pretty much every household. Perhaps 2024 should be the Year of Palate Expansion?

Honorable Mention: Lychee Juice – Terlupa Tapi Tidak Dilupakan

air kotak
source: Instagram/ F&N Seasons

While not making it into the top three, lychee juice occupies the honourable mention spot. Much like the third friend walking alone at the back on a narrow sidewalk, lychee juice is often underrated and underestimated, but never truly forgotten.

In the minds of our colleagues, at least.

There you have it!

Whether you’re sipping on the heat-quelling soya bean, navigating the love-it-or-hate-it territory with teh kundur, or indulging in the traditional chrysanthemum tea, one thing’s for certain – everything’s better with a little bit of JUICE.

Share your thoughts with us in the comments section – did your predictions align with our colleagues’ top picks? Do you think you’ll uncover a new favourite to try this Chinese New Year?

Cover image via F&N Seasons Malaysia on Instagram.