SAYS Drives ‘All About Autism’ Campaign To Boost Inclusivity & Give Voice To M’sians On The Spectrum

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World Autism Awareness month, which falls on April each year, is a time that holds a special place in the hearts of Malaysians, serving as a reminder for us to demonstrate our steadfast support for the autistic community. As for SAYS, the social news platform, this month has been about channeling that support into action through an incredible six-week-long campaign appropriately titled ‘All About Autism.’

The opportunity to better comprehend autism spectrum condition is offered to Malaysians through this inspiring initiative, acting as a beacon of light. Plus, the year-round accessibility of SAYS’ landing website, which includes informative interviews with autistic persons and valuable materials from subject experts, makes it a notable resource for raising autism awareness.

@saysdotcom Around 8 in 10 autistic people process sensory information differently. Some are over-sensitive, some are under-sensitive. This is what it’s like to experience sensory overload. Join us as we learn All About Autism ❤️ #AutismOnSAYS #KasihiAutism ♬ original sound – saysdotcom

To kick off the campaign, SAYS released a now-viral, truly remarkable experiential video that provides viewers with an immersive sensory experience. With a glimpse into their world and their distinctive experiences, this clip seeks to illustrate the sensory overload that autistic people frequently encounter. We believe it is a potent means of cultivating empathy and compassion for the autistic community.

That’s not all, though. In an effort to support NASOM, SAYS will collaborate with creators who have autism on April 14 for six hours on TikTok. It’s a fantastic opportunity to enlighten and entertain the public while also aiding a noble cause.

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SAYS will also hold an immersive 360° VR video on-ground event at PICO in Sunway Pyramid that same day, which is bound to be an eye-opening encounter for anybody who participates. The general public is encouraged to take part and discover more about sensory overload, a complex and often misinterpreted component of autism.

In collaboration with PICO, the event will run from 11am – 2pm on Level F, Lot F 1.89 & F 1.90.

With the help of GSC, SAYS is also putting together a special playgroup for families with children who have autism on Sunday, 14 May. This group is open to the public, and offers a welcoming setting where children can express themselves freely and parents may socialise without fear of criticism.

The families will be treated to a complimentary screening of “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” at GSC’s sensory-friendly halls in addition to games and giveaways. Details below:

Date: Sunday, 14 May
Time: 10am – 1pm
Location: GSC, 3 Damansara

Introducing the names behind the cause

This campaign is close to home for Laila Zain, the head of the English Network at REV Media Group and mother to an autistic 14-year-old son. Knowing firsthand how crucial it is for Malaysians to understand neurodiverse individuals, she is delighted to use the medium to encourage autism awareness as well as acceptance.

Laila highlighted her desire for Malaysia to develop a greater awareness of individuals with neurodiverse traits. She described the difficulties she encountered while bouncing from hospital to hospital and specialist to specialist in order to find a diagnosis for her child.

When they were ultimately given the autism diagnosis, it provided her and her family with a fresh learning opportunity. She acknowledged the challenges of being unsure of where to begin or what to do and expressed hope that SAYS could offer a place for parents of autistic children and autistic people themselves to seek clarity and establish a sense of belonging.

Finally, Laila also underlined how crucial it is for neurotypical people to educate themselves in order to become more tolerant of and welcoming of neurodiverse groups.

Samuel Wee.

This opinion is echoed by Samuel Wee, CEO of REV Media Group, who asserts that this campaign is an embodiment of the company’s basic values, which place a high emphasis on inclusion and acceptance.

For him, the goal of this campaign is to give Malaysians with autism a platform upon which they can convey their own individual experiences and raise public understanding of autism.

Rafiq Razali.

Rafiq Razali, Group Managing Director of Media Prima Berhad, concurs with the campaign’s theme and adds that it is critical to embrace pluralism and compassion by calling light to the challenges that confront individuals with autism and their families.

“As someone who has a child on the autism spectrum, I am eagerly anticipating the content that will be created as part of this campaign, including articles, videos, and social media posts,” he stated.

SAYS’ passion towards this topic is evidenced by their dedication to building an environment that embraces neurodiversity and promotes understanding. Support the campaign today and register for the playgroup on their website.

Let’s all strive to make the world a more welcoming place, irrespective of our differences.

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