PHOTOS: ‘King of Sado’ Cow Weighing 1,200kg Feeds Over 1,000 Needful Families Across Pantai Dalam

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source: FMT

Over the weekend, Pantai Dalam officers and local residents sacrificed several cows in conjunction with the Hari Raya Aidiladha celebration at the Al-Ikhlasiah Mosque.

Among them was astoundingly big cow that became an attraction for locals – one named ‘Gemuk’ who has been deemed the tersado (toughest and most muscular) cow in Malaysia, weighing 1.2 tonnes (1200kg).

Locals also claimed that Gemuk was chosen for the sacrificial ritual because it was the “best cow”.

Chief Executive Officer of Ikhlas Com Travel Sdn Bhd, Ikhlas Kamarudin, said the cow, who is estimated to have a market value of more than RM30,000, was the beloved pet of a little girl.

source: Bernama
source: Edisi 9

He said Gemuk was reared by a farmer named Muhammad Bakri Bukhari from Bera, Pahang, a customer of the umrah package offered by Ikhlas Com Travel Sdn Bhd who had performed the holy worship last March.

source: TVS

As evident in the photos, Gemuk’s sacrificial offering process was not an easy feat, and required the strength of over 10 men simultaneously handling the cow with ropes.

source: Metro

“When Gemuk was taken by Muhammad Bakri, he weighed only 600 kilograms (kg) and he took care of Gemuk for four years until he weighed 1.2 tonnes, therefore it can be said that Mr. Bakri is the best shepherd.

“The reason why we chose it for this year’s sacrificial ritual is because Gemuk is the greatest cow. Sacrificial worship is not just about giving, but giving the best,” Ikhlas said following the worship procession at Masjid Ikhlasiah.

source: Metro

Ikhlas also narrated how Muhammad Bakri’s daughter was saddened when she was told by her father that Gemuk would be sold for sacrifice after getting the title of ‘King of Sado‘.

“His daughter takes care of the cows a lot with her father. She helps a lot for washing and feeding, so when she found out this cow was going to be sold, she sulked and was angry with her father.

“But, he has already explained that Gemuk was chosen by Allah S.W.T. for the good of the people, and now his daughter already understands and is no longer upset,” he noted.

source: Metro

The Charolais cow was previously crowned King of Sado 2022 in the East Coast Sado Cattle Gathering 2022 held earlier this month.

source: Metro

Gemuk was donated by an individual through Ikhlas Com Travel Sdn Bhd, a digital Islamic lifestyle platform to Masjid Ikhlasiah to benefit 1,000 asnafs, or Muslim persons eligible for zakat, within the area.