Ryan Reynolds is the Pikachu You Never Knew You Wanted

It’s 2017 people, and in 2017, stars like Ryan Reynolds take on roles like Detective Pikachu. From Green Lantern to Deadpool and now, Pikachu, Reynolds is as versatile as water (heck, he could even pull off a whitewashed version Bruce Lee, we reckon –  but seriously, please don’t).

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Reynolds recently signed up for a starring role in Detective Pikachu. The upcoming live action-CGI Pokémon movie will begin filming in London early next year, so we guess that’s something to look forward to — Reynolds voicing a giant yellow mouse.

As y’all know, Pikachu doesn’t speak, and the only word it says is its own name. Well, that was until the recent Pokémon movie — I Choose You where Pikachu spoke for the first time, leaving audiences shook, because it was extremely weird. Now imagine a speaking Pikachu with Reynolds’ voice.

Reynolds will be joining Justice Smith and Kathryn Newton, whose characters will aid Pikachu in the investigation of the kidnapping of Smith’s character’s father. Yes. Pikachu will, Pikachu the detective.

Detective Pikachu is based on the video game Great Detective Pikachu released in Japan in 2016. The game is only available in Japan, so don’t get your hopes up. In the game, you play a regular kid going around solving mysteries accompanied by Pikachu who wears a Sherlock Homes hat. We sherlock you not.

Now, fans are wondering if Reynolds will be actually speaking in the live action film, since Detective Pikachu could speak in the game. Details are relatively sparse at the moment. Tbh, we’re not sure if we want Reynolds to be uttering anything more than his character’s namesake.

Can you image the word “Pika” coming out of the mouth of the Deadpool actor? No? We can’t either. Tell us what you think in the comments section!