Rockaway 2011 Full Festival Viral Video


Lest you forget (blasphemy!), Rockaway 2011 has just released a viral video to remind all self-respecting local gig goers that the biggest rock fest in Malaysia is happening soon!

Directed by New York-import Ion Furjanic, the video sees band names aflamed on a turntable as their apparitional band members trash, smash, and mosh in the background. It’s so visually representative of rock’n’roll that we can’t help but subconsciously gestured our hands to the sign of horns as we bang our heads in unison.

In case you’re unfortunate enough to still use a 56k dial-up, here’s the full list of bands in text form:

International Bands
Story of The Year
The Used
All Time Low

Local Bands
One Buck Short
Love Me Butch
Kyoto Protocol
The Will Kill Us All
Pop Shuvit with Project EAR
Deja Voodoo Spells
Massacre Conspiracy
Tres Empre
Oh Chentaku
Dimi Michi
Twilight Actiongirl

Rockaway Fest 2011 is one event you shouldn’t miss out!

Event details
Date 8 October 2011
Time 12pm
Tickets RM68 early bird, RM88 regular price
Venue Carpark A, Stadium Bukit Jalil

For more info, visit Tickets can be purchased by logging on to