Residents of Kampung Baru Sri Gading Set Up 2,021 Lamps To Create ‘Mosque of Lamps’ For Raya Vibes

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Source: Utusan/Lobakmerah

Even though Raya is looking gloomy for Malaysians with the latest MCO implementation, the residents of Kampung Baru, Sri Gading are choosing to make the best of the situation.

To really lighten up the Raya vibes, the residents used 2,021 lamps to create a mosque illusion called Masjid Pelita (Mosque of Lamps) that illuminates at night and greets them at the entrance of the village.

Source: Lobakmerah

According to The Star, 46-year-old resident, Mohd Azam Isnin said that he and his friend, Nor Ikhwan Nasir used more lamps this year compared to last year’s usage of 1,500 lamps to build the “Mosque of Lamps.”

Azam was surprised that the small initiative they took would become an attraction to the residents nearby.  “Many residents from nearby areas have stopped to take photographs,” he noted.

Since the entrance is located along the main road that connects to Batu Pahat, Ayer Hitam and Kluang, Azam and his team are taking responsibility to ensure that visitors adhere to the SOPs.

Source: Lobakmerah

Through constructing and decorating the gateway, the villagers were able to bond and support each other especially through this difficult time of not being able to celebrate Raya like previous years.

Azam also stated that the villagers want to continue with the tradition of creating the “Mosque of Lamps” for Raya in the years to come..

“It is a symbol of heritage to us and will be a loss if it is not continued, especially by the younger people.”

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