Hey Malaysians, Your Comments On Dua Lipa’s ‘Babi’ Post Went International

(source: Wallpapers Den)

Last March, Malaysians messed up by bombarding British pop singer Dua Lipa on her father’s bithday post. The ‘New Rules’ singer posted a picture of her dad kissing her with the caption “Happy birthday Babi!” which means “father” in Albanian. But because some Malaysians think the whole world speaks Malay, this buffoonery ensued.

The mean comments posted by Malaysians ultimately forced Dua Lipa to changed her instagram caption, which is pretty insane.

The issue found its way into international magazine, L’Officiel. In an interview with the magazine, Dua Lipa expressed her disappointment towards those Malaysian social media users that fired mean jokes in the comment section.

“It was actually quite mean on their behalf, because obviously I’m not talking in Malay,” she explained.

“I speak another language as well, and the language I speak with my parents is my heritage. I would like that to be respected,” she added.

(source: FEISTY Magazine)

Fans pleaded with Dua Lipa to not cancel her show in Malaysia. Most Malaysians, especially her fans had denounced the troublemakers by writing apologies to Dua and telling the wrongdoers that they should not mock or disrespect others for speaking in their language (also, ’cause Malay itself isn’t the most widely spoken language in the world–that’d be Mandarin, Xièxiè).

This is nothing new, of course, as a lot of Malaysians have the tendency to shun people that are different or who speak a different language like, I don’t know, English?

But fret not, Dua Lipa’s Self-Titled Tour is still heading to Kuala Lumpur on 3 May 2018, and the singer’s record label confirmed that there’s no change in her scheduled performance.

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