Reality Hand Hook by Harry Allen

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It may look eerie at first, like an art piece meant to will some semblance of reaction from gallery patrons, but moving pass that, these Reality Hand Hooks are the designs of revered industrial and interior furniture designer Harry Allen, whose work has a permanent placement at Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) among other American museums. These pieces were made from a cast of the designer’s own hand — complete with fine lines, wrinkles, and veins — each pose is named of course, such as ‘Bestow’, ‘C’mere’, ‘Grab’, ‘Offer’, and ‘Om’. Made from resin, marble, glass, and stainless steel, what each hand hook can hold depends on the poses. For instance, ‘Bestow’ can be used to hold a flower vase or a candle — you can imagine the rest.

Take a look at the collection below:

These Reality Hand Hooks retail at $65 (approximately RM241) each via Areaware

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