Real Fake Art by Michael Wolf


Michael Wolf sounds like a pretty badass name. How awesome would it be in life to be addressed as Mr. Wolf in formal occasions? Makes it even awesome if you’re a photographer that’s addressing the issue of the multi-million dollar industry of art imitation in China.  With over 70% of art copies around the world coming from China, Mr.Wolf’s series Real Fake Art casts light into this enigmatic industry. Taking portraits of the professional artisans next to Lichtensteins, the Van Goghs and Mona Lisas shows a distinctive crossings into the Chinese copy masters and capitalistic ideals behind the entire idea of said industry. Mr.Wolf questions the real stand behind the entire product where priceless artworks are being sold at any given prices around the whole world, especially the western side. Whilst perusing through the series, questions such as the value of technical reproduction, “Who buys these copies?”, “Is this art?”, “Does this makes the original work less valuable?”, and such will definitely creep into your mind.  

For more of his works, head on over here.