Reaching Mount Everest Peak in 25 Hours, Former Teacher Becomes ‘Fastest Woman Climber’

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Source: New York Post

45-year-old former school teacher, Tsang Yin-hung has been crowned the fastest woman in the world for climbing Mount Everest in just 25 hours and 50 minutes beating the previous fastest woman, Phunjo Jhangmu Lama who climbed in 39 hours and 6 minutes.

Speaking to FMT, Tsang said, “I’m relieved and happy because it wasn’t my intention to break the record. I’m relieved because I’m able to prove to my friends and students that I could climb the mountain.”

Growing up in a poor family made Tsang join sports in school as it was free, “While I was a child, I would run in mountain areas, play basketball and other sports activities.”

This marks the second time Tsang has climbed the mountain, the first being in 2017. She started her training almost 11 years ago.

Source: FMT/AP

“In order to reach the peak, it depends on motivation and strength all around and not just your physical ability. Other than that, one’s luck also plays a pivotal role.”

According to New York Post, Tsang only took two breaks to change clothes between a base camp on May 23 and added that she did only encountered other hikers on her way down which did not affect her speed as it would be like trailing behind a slower vehicle on a one-lane road.

Mount Everest has received at least 350 climbers this spring season even with the questionable weather and global pandemic.

Source: New York Post

Previous record holders includes 75-year-old American lawyer, Arthur Muir who became the oldest Mount Everest climber to this date.

“You realise how big this mountain is, how dangerous it is and what could possibly happen. Yes it does makes you nervous, anxious and fearful,” Arthur said.

Before this, the record was held by 67-year-old Bill Burke while the fastest man to reach the peak was Lakpa Gelu in just 10 hours and 56 minutes.

Watch Tsang talk about her journey here: