PHOTOS: Artist Combines Famous Paintings & Pop Culture To Make Quirky Collages

There are a few things most of us would immediately recognise – like famous paintings by Leonardo da Vinci and Van Gogh, pop culture references from famous movies and TV shows, and well-known characters from Marvel and Disney.

The series “What if famous paintings were real photos” created by Turkish artist Ertan Atay, mixes these elements resulting in creative collages. He digitally creates powerful and provocative images, often combining famous masterpieces, cultural icons and celebrities.

Ertan’s prolific career, which also includes graphic design, fashion, TV production and the direction of his own creative agency, contributes to his unique style.

On his website, Ertan stated that, “I like to make a difference in perception. There are collages in anachronism, neo-dada, and surrealist styles in my works. I can say the main theme is pop art collages. I like to bring different objects together. And I like to combine unexpected things with the simplest and humorous language by blending my work with both emotional and humorous language”.

While you can check out all of Ertan works on Instagram, here are 10 collages from him that’ll make you want to tap ‘Follow’: