Raub MP Says Idris Ahmad Is Impairing Islam’s Image By Impeding The Cultural Affairs Of Non-Muslims

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source: Astro Awani

In response to Religious Affairs minister Datuk Idris Ahmad’s statement that the Oktoberfest celebration should not be endorsed as it has the potential to destabilise social harmony, a DAP MP has urged him against meddling with non-Muslim cultural activities, instead advising him to concentrate on serving Muslims.

Tengku Zulpuri Shah Raja Puji made the remarks in response to a parliamentary reply published on July 27, whereby Idris stated that he had concerns regarding the event seeing as alcohol would be consumed publicly in a festival setting.

The minister said that during Oktoberfest, everybody should follow Malaysian laws and regulations as Islam is the federal faith, adding that the intoxicant effects of alcohol can result in domestic violence, traffic fatalities, poverty, scuffles, health complications, and issues with work productivity.

source: Malaysia Today

“As a Muslim MP, I recognise that Muslims mustn’t ingest alcoholic beverages or engage in haram actions. That being said, Muslims should not interfere in the livelihood, business, and cultural affairs of non-Muslims.

“Such an act of intrusion is contrary to Islamic teachings. Furthermore, non-Muslims’ freedom to participate in non-halal business operations is protected by the Federal Constitution,” said Tengku Zulpuri, as per FMT.

The MP also stated that the Oktoberfest is celebrated in pubs and non-halal eateries across the country, rather than open spaces, as Idris claimed, asserting that the minister’s comment on non-Muslim commercial activities was harming the portrayal of Islam by depicting the religion as illiberal.

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Tengku Zulpuri chastised Idris for repetitively making statements that have strained relations between Muslims and non-Muslims since taking over the ministerial portfolio, referencing Idris’ prior commentary on the Bon Odori fest.

Idris had previously warned Muslims against attending the Japanese cultural ceremony, claiming that it contained elements of another faith. Selangor’s Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah then suggested that Idris attend the ceremony for himself to develop a better understanding of it.

Despite Idris’s request for  the Bon festival to be banned, as he believed that Muslims who participate in it may be “swayed by elements of other religious faiths”, the festival gathered an even larger crowd than usual, with Muar MP Syed Saddiq in attendance as well.

Netizens believe that this is due to the publicity that ensued following the controversy surrounding the event.

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