Got a Problem on Instagram? New Feature Now Allows You To “Rage Shake” It Away

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Yesterday, Adam Mosseri, the Head of Product at Instagram announced the launch of two new features on the application, the “rage shake” and carousel deletion.

The carousel deletion feature is currently only available on IOS devices. Unfortunately for international users, only US users can access the “rage shake” on Instagram at the moment.  

It’s been a long time coming for the carousel deletion feature. Now, you can delete selected photos from your monthly “photo dumps” on Instagram, hassle free. Being able to delete a chosen photo without having to delete the entire photo carousel is a feature many Instagram users have been looking for. To do so, simply click the three dots menu at the top right of a post, select edit, then swipe to the photo you’d like to remove and press the delete icon in the top left corner to remove the chosen image from the carousel. 

Now onto the “rage shake”. Available to US users, this feature enables people to report a problem by shaking their phone while the app is open. Upon rage shaking, a prompt will pop-up on the screen asking “Did something go wrong?” with space for users to report an issue on Instagram. 

Source: Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/ LightRocket / Getty Images

According to Mosseri, this feature helps give quick feedback to the Instagram team to help prioritise bug fixes. He said with this feature, “You can explain exactly what happened, how you ended up in that place, and all of the emotions and feels that you’ve got going on, and we’ll have someone take a look at it.”

Now let’s hope nobody accidentally cracks their screen from all that shaking…