RACONTEURS: Uzair Rashid’s Unintentionally Thoughtful Scribbles

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Many of Uzair Rashid’s works involve a brooding, lonesome man, but when posed about this oft-mentioned query, it amused the concept artist because frankly, he explained that he does not put much thought into his illustrations. However, he revealed that he’s fond of spaces – rooms filled with as little subjects as possible.

The artist grew up drawing Japanese anime characters from childhood favourites such as Dragon Ball and Slam Dunk. He used to copy the strokes and styles of comic artists like Nizam Bachok, Aadi Salman, and Takehiko Inoue to further improve himself. But his habitual doodling and scribbling can’t be compared to a formal education in industrial design, which taught him essential lessons such as perspective and contour lines.

Additionally, happening upon Aadi Salman’s Siapa showed him how to truly appreciate the art in comics; Siapa was where he was first presented the technique of mix media. Even though Uzair doesn’t consciously have an idea in mind when he creates his narrative pieces, his appetite for alt rock (Interpol, System of a Down) and “creepy, mysterious survival horror-themed” games and movies seem to have translated into his contemplative pictorials of life – they are certainly not random at all.




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