Huge Rabbit Replica Made Of Gold Coins In KLCC Marks History In Malaysia Book Of Records 2023

source: The Vibes

We all know when it comes to gold on Chinese New Year, it’s go big or go home.

Suria KLCC definitely got the memo, as evident in their display of a stunning, huge rabbit replica made of staple gold coins in conjunction with this Lunar New Year – the year of the Water Rabbit.

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Located in the KLCC Esplanade, the decor has secured its seat as Malaysia’s Biggest Rabbit Replica Made Of Gold Coins in the Malaysia Book of Records 2023. That’s one very specific record…

source: Sunshine Kelly

“Suria KLCC honours the cultural traditions and values that comprise the Chinese New Year, including shared prosperity, family unity, and tradition. In order to do this, our staff has put in a lot of effort to create an immersive, multi-sensory experience that will entertain and enthral guests at our mall during the holiday season.

“Commemorating a holiday that is immersed in ancestry and legacy, you will see that the Suria KLCC Centre Court has been morphed into an ancient Chinese town, influenced by the splendid ancient villages and towns of China like Pingle, Dali, and Lijiang,” said Andrew Brien, chief executive officer of Suria KLCC Sdn Bhd.

source: Tourism Malaysia

That’s not all the premier shopping mall is offering.

According to Sunshine Kelly, guests can also express their dreams and aspirations for the coming year on a Wishing Tree that is hidden among the ancient Chinese village backdrop.

In keeping with the holiday spirit, monetary contributions made at the Wishing Tree will be given in support of the partner NGOs of Suria KLCC in order to advance the cause of mental health awareness.

Also featured are interactive mock river waters, which are stocked with lifelike koi carp, also give tradition a modern makeover. All of our visitors can enjoy the novelty of tossing digital pennies into the “river” from a tablet’s screen.

That’s one way to usher in the new year! Check out the other CNY displays and events happening at KLCC here.