QUIZ: Ah Boy, Tell Us How You’ll Spend CNY & We’ll Give You An Outfit To Wear

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Cover image via Dockers Malaysia | Edited by SAYS

Chinese New Year is just around the corner! Have you decided on your outfits yet?

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Say no more! Take this quiz and tell us how you’ll be spending the Chinese New Year. Then we’ll tell you what kind of outfits to wear.

Which outfit did you get? Tell us in the comments below! 🙂

Whether you’re all about that ‘athleisure’ life or you feel more at home in a coffee shop, Dockers Malaysia has got the right fit for you, no matter the occasion

Here are a few styles to check out for some outfit inspiration for Chinese New Year!

1. Go for the ‘Athleisure’ style if you’re always going back and forth between your house and the gym

Image via Dockers Malaysia | Edited by SAYS

You’re always on the way to or from the gym. That doesn’t mean you can’t look good doing so! Consisting of a bright and festive button-up shirt, a white logo t-shirt, and some dark khakis with four-way stretch, you’re all set for the day!

2. Go for the ‘Coffee Shop Chic’ look for a laid back vibe

Image via Dockers Malaysia | Edited by SAYS

Perfect for those quick getaways to your favourite coffee shop, this outfit is not only comfortable, but it also looks really good! Get a shirt with a unique pattern, preferably in cooler tones, and pair it with some light grey or blue khakis. This will give you a (literally) cool look. Finish it off with a leather belt, your favourite watch, and a pair of dark boat shoes!

3. Looking ‘normal’ isn’t bad. That’s where ‘Normcore’ comes in.

Image via Dockers Malaysia | Edited by SAYS

‘Normcore’ is a pretty hot trend right now. It revolves around people wearing ‘normal’ looking clothes, like checkered shirts, khakis, and sneakers. When done right, you’ll look awesome. For your ‘normcore’ look, go for a festive button-up, some light khakis or chinos, and your favourite sneakers!

4. Go for a smart-casual style if you want a versatile look

Image via Dockers Malaysia | Edited by SAYS

We all have places to be during Chinese New Year. Sometimes plans fall really close to each other and that forces us to worry about what to wear for each occasion. With a simple crewneck sweatshirt, some neutral-coloured khakis, and a crisp pair of white sneakers, you’re ready for any and every occasion.

5. If you want to attract the right kind of attention, go for something elegant, with some understated flair

Image via Dockers Malaysia | Edited by SAYS

Especially great for when you’re at your boss’ open house, wearing a light blue Oxford shirt and a pair of light khakis will give you a smart, sophisticated look. Extra brownie points for you! Top it all off with a pair of leather shoes, not only do you look elegant, but you’ve got some extra flair as well.

6. Preppy-casual is a super-approachable style, as long as you don’t overdo it!

Image via Dockers Malaysia | Edited by SAYS

When you pair a short-sleeved button-up with some light khaki shorts, you’ve got a winning combination. Complete the look with a matching pair of boat shoes and you’ve got yourself a super fun, beachside look.

7. Quick, comfy, and ready for anything

Image via Dockers Malaysia | Edited by SAYS

This is the perfect outfit for the times you just need put together a quick outfit to run some errands for your mum, or even just to get some fresh air away from the hustle and bustle of the CNY crowd.

All you need is a white logo t-shirt, some navy shorts, and your favourite baseball cap! Round it all up with a pair of comfortable sneakers and you’re good to go.

8. If you’re travelling long-distance, you’ll want to stay comfy, but also look good too

Image via Dockers Malaysia | Edited by SAYS

Traveling can be a real adventure, but it can also be super exhausting if you’re not dressed for it. You can opt for a nice, cosy jacket on top of an ong red t-shirt for those indoor events. Pair those two with some light khakis and your favourite sneakers. Then you’ve got yourself a completely comfortable, festive look, without all the hassle.

If you’re staying predominantly outdoors, you don’t wanna be sweating it out in the hot sun! Put on a nice, bright polo t-shirt on top of some vibrant shorts. Not only will you be noticed in a crowd of party-goers, but you’ll also stay cool under the hot sun.

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