Purple Naked Ladies on the Internet

No, it’s not porn. Despite what Tegan & Sara (and clueless Sufjan Steven-listening journos) would like to lead you to believe about the OFWGKTA crew, they’ve always had a lesbian member and never made much of a fuss about it – till accusations of homophobia were thrown around that is. Subgroup The Internet – consisting Syd Tha Kid, one such member, and Matt Martian – recently dropped Purple Naked Ladies on iTunes, a record whose Odd Future bloodline traces back to lesser known OF release 5th Echelon (of which Matt was involved with) the most.

The Internet sees Syd and Matt producing together as well as vocalising their Neptunes-informed beats with their own singing, sounding something like defiant nu soul as subverted by the beat scene. Physical copy is set for release on 17 January.

Check out a different side to the OF crew and buy a digital version of album here.