‘Pulau’ Sequel In The Pipeline With Fresh Cast Following First Film’s RM2 Million Box Office Revenue

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source: The Star

Malaysian horror film “Pulau” has outperformed expectations and raked in an astonishing RM2 million at the box office, according to GSC Cinemas, despite the initial hostility it garnered. The film was banned in certain Malaysian states as authorities believed it contained elements of soft porn and showcased exaggerated indecency.

Shockingly, the movie’s popularity expanded outside of Malaysia, including neighbouring countries like Vietnam, where it grossed an astounding RM400,000 in just four days. Some netizens have expressed their belief that the controversy leading up to the film’s release may have indirectly served as a form of effective marketing, prompting viewers to watch the film out of curiosity.

source: Yahoo News Malaysia

Riding on this wave of success, the producer, RM2 million box office revenue, has already confirmed that a sequel is in the works, and we can expect to see it on the big screen soon.

When questioned about the pushback the first film received, Chong stated that he was not deterred by it and actually planned on collaborating with Indonesia on the sequel.

In fact, the “Pulau 2” production crew is now actively planning and shortlisting actors, with Indonesian talent possibly being considered for some roles. Interestingly, the sequel will not be a direct continuation of the original storyline, but will retain the multiracial aspect that made the first film stand out.

Fred Chong. (source: Malaysiakini)

Chong prefers to highlight “Pulau’s” favourable reviews from foreign audiences and considers it a significant turning point for the Malaysian film industry, asserting that no other local film has ever experienced such extraordinary success in international markets. Despite being under pressure to respond to the criticism, Chong has opted to focus on the impending sequel, which is scheduled to be released next year.

The official release date for “Pulau 2” has not yet been disclosed, but fans are anxiously anticipating further updates. The bar has definitely been raised for the sequel owing to the first film’s triumph, but considering the producer’s track record, it is safe to conclude that the project is in good hands.

We are eager to see what ‘Pulau 2’ has in store for us and hope that it will continue to showcase the talented and diverse Malaysian filmmaking community!

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