Granddaughter’s Playful Prank Of Swapping Grandma’s Guanyin Portrait with Ultraman Goes Viral Online

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A mischievous young girl in China played a prank on her grandmother by switching her Guanyin portrait with a picture of Ultraman. The hilarious part? The grandma didn’t notice for a whole month and continued praying to Ultraman instead.

On Weibo, a video of the grandmother’s shock after learning the news received over 7,000 likes and 400 shares. In the video, the irate grandma is heard berating her granddaughter in Hokkien and saying that her misbehaviour made her want to “vomit blood.”

Watch the full video here.

Towards the middle of the clip, the girl’s mother is also seen giggling hysterically, which only seems to enrage the grandma even more.

The response from Weibo users, on the other hand, was varied. While some users believed that the girl had shown disrespect towards her elders and Guanyin as a deity, others noted that it was just light humour and even the grandmother seemed to show a slight grin at her granddaughter’s shenanigans at the end of the video.

What do you think? Harmless fun or prank gone wrong?