Pradana: Unknown Works

source: Pradana

To celebrate his 29th birthday, Pradana compiled a mix of his selected works circa 2006 to 2009, which to the surprise of JUICE have aged really well. Perhaps it shouldn’t be so startling, then called Skware-1, the former Rogue Squadron DJ-producer had always been a future forward man who often dabbled in sounds that only later on caught on with the local crowd. Naturally Skwarewerrrkzzz is really an aural history of Pradana’s progression as a beatmaker – from his sample-heavy phase to his experimentation with glitch hop. Even the more recognisable tracks, such as the instrumental version of Jin Hackman’s ‘Heezy Rock’, sound remarkably fresh in hindsight (sidenote: is it just us or is Jin at his best when on a Pradana beat?). Had the beat scene – for lack of a better term – festered in Kuala Lumpur like it did in Singapore, we’d imagine he would have been one of the top talents. But enough with hypothetical situations, truth is the Skwarewerrrkzzz mixtape is an impressive oeuvre by a producer who remains undiscovered. Give it a listen.

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