PRΔ[email protected]Δ: Chop-Screwy Suey

If it weren’t for his talent, we could never forgive PrΔ[email protected]Δ for his painfully hard-to-spell hipster nom de producteur (just as you’d never forgive us for the pretentious use of a French phrase here). Being something of a walking music encyclopaedia, PrΔ[email protected]Δ was into every niche electronic genre before everyone else. Heck, he was a Shibuya-kei fanboy in high school, and that was when Napster and dial-up modem ruled the world. How many of us were into anything remotely that obscure at the time?

  MΔlydΔ Ed1t by PRVDVNA

Malyda Edit is his music knowledge presented as a beat. Exuding a strong Jodie Watley-esque vibe, the track is a chopped up boogie funk joint that’s not as alienating as you would think music from a possible music Aspie would sound like.

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