Portraits by Levi van Veluw

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Dutch contemporary artist, Levi van Veluw, explores the avenues of self-portraiture in the most wonderful of manner.  With the latest of his self-portrait works, the Veneer series, wood is used as the primary material. Using different types of wood, van Veluw creates a replica of his face that results in a very organically (and beautifully) decaying portraiture of himself. Having previously used hair as a medium, for the Natural Transfer series, it’s a recurring theme for him to create strange and macabre surrealistic portraits that although might seem creepy in the beginning, come off as oddly stunning. Another interesting series, For the Light, sees the artist covering his head with strips of light-generating foil. Photographed in total darkness, the resulting radiant bright blue light produced by the material creates an intriguing piece where we see his face disappearing as it leaves a discernible shape with light stripes. Perhaps the most interesting art in his oeuvre, the Landscape series has the artist creating a three-dimensional contouring plot of land with his own face. A surreal and freaky twist to things, it really does invoke a reexamination of the perspective one can have on what self-portraiture can achieve.

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