McDonald’s Japan Releases a Filling ‘Adult Cream Pie’

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Who else but Japan?

No stranger to innovation, the Land of the Rising Sun has brought to life many wonderfully absurd trends, products and food items. McDonald’s in Japan is no exception. Just recently, the folks of the Japanese Golden Arches announced a brand new dessert called the Otona no Cream Pie or “Adult Cream Pie”.

source: YouTube

As pictured above, this exclusively Japanese pie from McDonald’s will come in (lel) two flavours which are Belgian Chocolate and Sweet Fromage respectively. According to Japan Inside:

The word “otona,” which translates to “adult,” is regularly used in the Japanese sweets enterprise to describe confectionery that is less candy than different brands. It inspires a feel of high pleasant and subtle flavour.

The subtle flavour they’re talking about it one that is preferred by adults, rather than children who are usually contented with anything sweet. Hence the product name, albeit bad translation.

A Japanese woman enjoying what might be an ‘otona’ flavoured helping of soft serve. source: Giphy

Pleasant and subtle flavour ayy? Unfortunately, I did not manage to find the original video advert on Youtube and Googling the words ‘Adult Cream Pie’ guided me to something entirely different than what I’d originally hoped to find. In hindsight, it was my mistake of forgetting to add ‘Mcdonalds’ at the very beginning of the dessert’s name.

Japan Inside also reported that the commercial for this brand new filling dessert was just as suggestive as the name of the pie itself. The advert was said to feature two ladies played by Japanese actresses Sairi Ito and Yoko Maki who acted in The Grudge. This was part of the conversation that took place in the commercial between the two:

source: 9Kitchen – Nine

“That cream pie, is it virtually that delicious?” Sairi Ito asks.
“If you eat it once, you’ll be filled,” Yoko Maki replies.

Needless to say, this was not the first time McDonald’s Japan released an eyebrow-raising product as they had launched ‘blowjob cups‘ earlier in August last year. While I would go into more detail about this, a picture says a thousand words as the old saying goes.

So here you go:

source: Mothership SG

I don’t know bout’ you guys, but i’m definitely lovin’ it!

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