Police Arrested For Allegedly Extorting Couple Found Alone In Car, Demanding ATM Card & Pin

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Alright, all cards on the table: have you ever been in the car with your significant other, stopped by the side of the road, in fear of the police catching the two of you?

It’s no secret that some law enforcers are guilty for accepting, or sometimes even asking, for bribes to settle. However, how many of them have actually been caught?

Two auxiliary policemen were recently arrested due to allegedly extorting a couple while they were posted for duty at a shopping centre in Johor Bahru.

Two auxiliary police in Johor arrested for allegedly extorting couple

According to South Johor Bahru district police chief, Raub Selamat said the two policemen were arrested at 9pm after a police report was lodged by the victim.

A 25-year-old man, who was caught with his lover in close proximity in a car, claimed that the policemen demanded RM500 from them. According to Malay Mail, the policemen also threatened legal action on them.

According to Section 154 of the Islamic Administration Law 1965, a Muslim man who is found to be in close proximity with a woman will be guilty for an offence punishable by imprisonment for a term not exceeding three months or a fine not exceeding RM300.

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However, the couple did not have enough cash on hand, to which the policemen asked the man for his ATM card and to tell them his pin number so they could withdraw the money themselves.

Shortly after, the man received a notification on his phone from the bank automated message, stating that there was a withdrawal of RM1,000 from his account.

Raub said that they have seized the RM1,000 during the arrest of the two policemen, and that they have been detained in custody for four days for further questioning in the investigation.

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