PlayStation Studios Malaysia is Looking For Artists & Engineers to Join Their Team

source: PlayStation

If you’ve been dreaming of working in the video game industry ever since you picked up that sweet PlayStation 1 controller back in the day, you’re in luck because they’re actively hiring right now in Malaysia!

For the love of video games, PlayStation Worldwide Studios Malaysia, who you might know (or not) exists, announced that they are actively looking to hire people to join their team.

The head of PlayStation Worldwide Studios Malaysia, Hasnul Hadi Samsudin shared the news on Twitter and said that the team is looking for a variety of skilled workers including DevOps, Artists, Animators and more.

He also attached a LinkedIn page that has the list of positions they’re hiring for and according to it, there are currently 12 positions open at the studio.

Although they’re hiring, no one exactly knows where the studio is located except the people who work there, but it’s somewhere in Kuala Lumpur. Maybe they’ll let you know where it is once you get the job. No cheat codes required.