Pisco Bar Pres. Solid Gold: ‘So Solid Vol. 1’ Mix

source: Solid Gold

The first Solid Gold filled Pisco Bar to the brim, no surprise there considering the monthly night is handled by none other than Twilight Actiongirl’s Bunga — a veteran at throwing genre-unspecific parties — and the younger MrBacksounds of HULKAS. This coming Saturday, the boys are having the 3rd edition of Solid Gold, and just to lull those of you who haven’t been to the night, they passed JUICE a solid mix of indie, nu disco, house, funk, soul, and any combination thereof. Get acquainted with the sounds of Solid Gold below;

We don’t know about you, but we’re sold. See you on Saturday, Bunga and MrBacksounds.

Pisco Bar Presents Solid Gold is happening this Saturday (12 October). For more information, check out their Facebook page.