Witch house pioneer Travis Egedy, better known by his producer moniker Pictureplane, was something of an obscure electronic wunderkind back in hometown Denver, Colorado.

Much like his age group contemporaries, Salem and Odd Future, Egedy had a zany internet persona that can be summed up simply as I-don’t-give-a-flying-fvck, making him a legend ’round the deep internet. It wasn’t until the 2009 release Dark Rift was reviewed by hipster-friendly Pitchfork that his Wiccan take on an amalgam of ’90s house, noise pop, darkwave, and gothy electronica gained wider exposure. ‘Real is a Feeling’ off latest album Thee Physical is everything you would expect from Pictureplane – synths on overdrive, danceable pop imbued with dark sensibilities, and coitus-appropriate music – which is more than you can ask for from someone whose guide to his own genre is “don’t listen to any witch house, create from your inner witch.”

Stream the entirety of Thee Physical at soundcloud.com/pictureplane/sets/thee-physical.